Bar Coding

This page introduces you to the Barcode Module, available from version 2.2.5 upwards of the web based Children’s Centre Manager system. It enables attendances to be quickly scanned in to the database, saving time for Centre staff, and improving data accuracy (no guessing of signature names!)

Key Benefits


The Bar Coding Option.

In this video, we will see how easy it is to produce barcoded registers (based on bookings, or on previous attendees), to scan the recoded attendances, and finally to inspect the results before committing them to the database.


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Membership Cards and The Opticon Scanner.

In this video we will look at an alternative to registers – Family Membership Cards and Session Lists. These work best with an Opticon scanner, which means that access to a computer is not required at the time of scanning, making it an ideal solution for capturing attendances at different venues.

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