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This page introduces you to a range of 'How To' videos which are designed to demonstrate some of the more advanced features and uses of the ChildView Children's Centre Manager.


Creating and using Targets.

Targets enable you to group activities. For example, you may run a number of activities that contribute towards 'School Readiness'.

By formalising the link between these activities and the 'School Readiness' target, it becomes easy to demonstrate your reach and volume of engagement for this (or any other) target.

This video will show you how to create a new Target and link Activities to it.

We'll then use Attendance Review to create some queries that look at attendance to a target by various hard-to-reach groups.

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Adding a Report.

Typically, reports will be written and emailed to you, or are available in the CCM reports catalogue. This video shows you the simple process of cutting and pasting the report name, description and SQL syntax into the CCM database application.

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Integrating CCM Output into Maps.

You may already be aware of, and using, mapping software, provided by your Local Authority. But if you are not, there are some great free solutions out there. The CCM allows you to easily export address information from a number of places – Mail Merge/Data Extract, Attendance Review, Advanced Search and Custom Reports. Plotting these on an online Google Map, is a great way of being able to present and share information. This video demonstrates an example of this by exporting data from the Attendance Review form and displaying it within the website.

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Attendance Review & My filters

The aim of the following video is to introduce you to the redesign and enhancements to attendance review and a whole new feature called ‘My Filters’.

Attendance Review has now been redesigned. It now concentrates on filtering only the attendance related criteria based on a predefined cohort sourced from any of the search screens, predominately the Mail Merge and Extract search. The enhancement includes the quick review for retrieving the more regularly requested statistics.

The new ‘My Filters’ functionality allows users to define a groups of individuals from any of the search screens. Your ‘My Filters’ content stays with you as you navigate around CCM. You can even add filters from People Search, Address Search and Groups. All filters can be easily toggled on/off or removed at any time by expanding ‘My Filters’ at the top of the screen.

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